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Maggots Discovered In Subway Sandwich, Man Says (Video)

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A new viral video (shown below) that features a Subway sandwich filled with maggots has discouraged consumers from ever eating at the sandwich chain again.

The video was filmed with a smartphone inside a Provo, Utah, Subway restaurant, Heavy reported.

In the video, an employee speaks to the man filming and apologizes for serving the sandwich. When the man complains that his pregnant wife has already taken a bite and voices his concerns over her health, the employee tells him not to make a scene.

“These worms are not harmful,” the employee says.

Some Reddit users have called the video a fake, since the vegetables look fresh and the larva are seemingly too large. However, a former McDonald’s employee commented that maggots once showed up in a new box of carton cups and that the insects could have come from the storage place.

Still, many find it incredulous that the employee felt comfortable serving the sandwich.

“She should have been handing out gift cards left and right, not trying to defend the worms,” one Reddit user wrote.

Subway recently made the news in May when it was announced that its sales were falling faster than any other of America’s top 25 food chains, The Washington Post reported at the time.

Sources: Heavy, The Washington Post

Photo Credit: Heavy, WikiCommons


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