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Ohio Man Ordered To Wear ‘Bully’ Sign Says Judge ‘Destroyed’ His Life

An Ohio man ordered to wear a sign declaring he’s a bully for five hours on a street corner says the judge gave him an unfair sentence that ruined his life.

Edmond Aviv, 62, was accused of bullying his neighbors, including children with developmental disabilities, for the last 15 years.

Municipal Court Judge Gayle Williams-Byers ordered Aviv to wear the sign for five hours while sitting on a South Euclid street corner after he pleaded no contest to a fourth-degree misdemeanor charge of harassing his neighbors.

Aviv was monitored by a court probation officer as he stood on the corner of Monticello Boulevard and Tribisky Road Sunday.

The sign read: "I AM A BULLY! I pick on children that are disabled, and I am intolerant of those that are different from myself. My actions do not reflect an appreciation for the diverse South Euclid community that I live in."

Aviv ignored drivers who honked their horns and kept his head down.

“The judge destroyed me. This isn’t fair at all,” Aviv told, refusing to answer any other questions.

Some 95 cars reportedly honked at Aviv and 89 shouted insults at him between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Sunday.

One neighbor, 21-year-old Alex Simmons, approached Aviv. He said Aviv shouted racial slurs at him growing up.

“He called me porch monkey a couple times and the N-word,” said Simmons, who is the son of South Euclid Municipal Court Bailiff Isaiah Simmons. “I told my parents at the time and they said to avoid his house and be the bigger person. This punishment is great. Justice has been served.”

Judge Williams-Byers also order him to serve 15 days in jail, undergo anger management classes and counseling, and submit an apology letter to his neighbor, Sandra Prugh.

“I want to express my sincere apology for acting irrationally towards your house and the safety of your children,” Aviv wrote in the letter. “I understand my actions could have caused harm but at that time I was not really thinking about it.”

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