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Ohio Man Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Inflatable Pool Raft

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Ohio man Edwin Tobergta was arrested Wednesday after allegedly having sex with an inflatable pool raft for the fourth time by the side of the road.

In 2002, Tobergta was arrested for publicly pleasuring himself with an inflatable pumpkin. In 2011, he was caught in an alley with his neighbor’s inflatable raft. In 2013, he was caught with the exact same raft and charged with public indecency, since children were within view of his actions.

This time, the 32-year-old was spotted by a neighbor. When the neighbor yelled at Tobergta, he immediately pulled up his pants and threw the raft over a fence.

Tobergta later told police that he had sex with the raft because he has a problem and needs help. He asked officers not to take him to jail, but he was booked in Butler County Jail nonetheless.

In his latest mug shot, Tobergta can be seen wearing a shirt that reads: “I’m out of my mind. Please leave a message.”

Tobergta was charged with one count of public indecency

Sources: The Huffington Post, WAFB


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