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Ohio Man Accused Of Murdering Neighbor For Mowing Her Lawn

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Ohio man James Blair was arrested after reportedly shooting his neighbor because she mowed her lawn.

Linda Ciotto was mowing the lawn at her Williard, Ohio, home on Tuesday around 11 p.m. The 62-year-old was in the process of selling her home in order to move closer to her family in Columbus, Ohio.

“I heard the lawnmower running,” one neighbor said. “I heard that then after I heard the shot.”

It’s believed that Blair may have also run over Ciotto with the lawnmower.

A glance at the lawn indicated to police that Ciotto had barely started mowing when she was shot.

After allegedly shooting Ciotto, Blair hid inside his mother’s home next door to Ciotto for six hours. The Huron County Sheriff’s Office called for backup, including the Willard Police and a SWAT team from Mansfield, when Blair refused to exit the house.

Finally, authorities used tear gas and got Blair to surrender.

“This has been a difficult crime scene to work due to the heat and deputies overheating,” Sheriff Dane Howard said. “We have had strong support from the community with food, water and other offers of assistance since we have been on scene for over two days now. I am sincerely grateful for all the support we have received.”

Billie Hinkle, Blair’s mother, was also arrested for reportedly tampering with evidence. Police claim that Hinkle probably hid the murder weapon.

Blair is currently being held at Huron County jail on a $1 million bond.

Sources: 19 Action News, Fox News / Photo credit: Fox News


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