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Ohio Judge Amy Salerno Scolds Jury After Not Guilty Verdict

A judge in Franklin County, Ohio, could face disciplinary measures after she vocally expressed in open court her disagreement to a jury for reaching a not guilty verdict in an assault trial.

Four jurors complained about the behavior of Judge Amy Salerno incident to Franklin County Administrative Judge James Green.

"The judge came off the bench, and she indicated she thought they had gotten the verdict wrong," Green said, according to ABC6. "They were further told, 99 percent of the time, the jury gets it right. It's now 98 percent. They brought that percentage down by getting it wrong."

Salerno reportedly also said she was not done with the defendant that had been acquitted.

"They reported to me [that] she made a comment to them, it was OK because she would have another chance to get this defendant because he had other charges pending," Green said.

The Franklin County Municipal Court website indicates that Salerno was appointed to the bench in 2005.

"I was deeply surprised by the jury's verdict in this case, and failed to contain my surprise," Salerno said in a statement she released on Monday. "I am deeply sorry if my words in any way have offended. I can appreciate how they may have been taken in some other way."

Green is considering taking the jurors' complaints to the Ohio Supreme Court Disciplinary Council. He does not believe Salerno should preside over any future cases involving the acquitted defendant.

Sources: ABC6, Franklin County Municipal Court website


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