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Ohio Home's Halloween Decorations Cause Controversy

Halloween isn’t here yet, but a home in Parma, Ohio, is causing some big scares.

The home, which is near an elementary school, features a wrapped corpse hanging from a tree, another figure hanging from an upside down cross and a bloody body impaled on a stake, WKYC reported.

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Some parents are upset over the display and claim their children thought they had actually stumbled upon dead bodies.

Jackie Anselmo told WPVI she emailed the city about the deadly decorations in a bid to have them removed.

The city of Parma said it can’t do anything about the display as it would violate the homeowner’s freedom of expression.

The homeowners, who have a 2-year-old child and a special-needs teenager, told WPVI they haven’t received any complaints and wouldn't purposely scare children.

Sources: WKYC, WPVI / Photo credit: Cleveland 19WKYC


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