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Ohio 'Guns In Bars' Law Faces First Test

A new gun law in Ohio allows people, with a gun permit, to carry guns into bars, restaurants, nightclubs, any place that serves alcohol. However, It also says that the person carrying the gun shouldn’t drink.

Recently, Chad O’Reilly, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, pulled out his loaded, semi-automatic Gluck .40 and started waving it around during an argument in the H&H Tavern in Deer Park, Ohio.

The man that O’Reilly was arguing with ducked for cover, the bar staff called 911 and O’Reilly’s friends persuaded him to leave the bar. He was then arrested by police officers with their guns drawn in the parking lot.

The bar’s owner, David Anderson, praised his staff for their quick action, locking down the bar as soon as O’Reilly was out the door. Anderson insists that his is a family establishment and “we never have a problem here.”

O’Reilly has been charged with violating concealed carry laws, aggravated menacing and ethnic intimidation because the man he was threatening is Hispanic and O’Reilly used racial slurs.

He’s also facing charges of possession of a controlled substance because “injectable testosterone was found in his bag."


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