Ohio Grocery Store Turns Down Gun Ban Petition, Gun Owners Celebrate


The gun safety group Moms Demand Action has asked its members to deliver copies of a petition with 300,000 names to Kroger grocery stores across the U.S.

The petition calls for the grocery store chain to ban the open carry of guns because moms and children shop in the stores.

Moms Demand Action noted on their Facebook page that a few stores refused the petition, including a Kroger in Ohio (pictured).

The group added, "However, several managers took our petitions and told members that Kroger management is 'taking our concerns into consideration.'"

The pro-gun website BearingArms.com claimed that Moms Demand Action was "attempting to isolate and bully individual companies into accepting their prohibitionist gun control philosophy. Their goal is to accomplish through bullying what they cannot establish through legislation..."

BearingArms.com didn't mention any actual evidence of "bullying," and claimed Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts lives in a "suburban mansion in ultra-white, ultra wealthy Zionsville, Ind."

According to Liberaland.com, pro-gun supporters left several messages on the Moms Demand Action Facebook page:

I bet you go home and f--- trees and lick dogs don't you. You pathetic excuses for human beings will never remove our rights.

I think the more guns the better. I shop at krogers and have at least 3 guns on me at any given time and two knives as well and people like me will always win.

God bless Croger [sic].

I support Kroger. Like shopping there with my firearm so all can see.

I'm in Kroger now rocking out with my glock out.

Sources: Facebook, BearingArms.com, Liberaland.com (Image Credit: Moms Demand Guns, Used With Permission)


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