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Ohio Female Cop Accused Of Punching Handcuffed Man (Video)

A female police officer allegedly hit Raymond Rober while he was handcuffed in Toledo, Ohio, last week.

A cell phone video (below) shot by Brad Bollinger shows Rober being led around a police car, and then apparently struck by the unidentified officer.

"Police brutality, yes, and captured at its finest,” Bollinger told 13 ABC.

"As he leans his head down, he's adjusting his, the, handcuffs on the back of him because they're probably uncomfortable and the lady officer strikes him in the side of the head, it's a coward move," Bollinger added.

Phil Stinson, a criminologist at Bowling Green State University, viewed the video and said that the officer's actions may be a crime.

For his part, Rober was charged with "obstructing official business, aggravated menacing, under-age possession of alcohol, assault, disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing, and domestic violence," noted 13 ABC.

Toledo Public Information Officer Sgt. Joe Heffernan said he could not comment on the video as it is now being investigated by police.

Rober’s sister Amanda claimed that her brother initially fled from the police, who were serving a warrant, but soon surrendered on the sidewalk.

In more Toledo news, Jeffrey Taylor was shot several times by officers after allegedly pinning a cop against a police cruiser with his car, noted The Blade.

Taylor allegedly struck a pedestrian with his car, which brought officers to the scene.

While Taylor fled police, he reportedly struck a second pedestrian and the officer, who had to be taken to a local hospital.

The two pedestrians and the officer are expected survive, Toledo Police Chief George Kral told The Blade.

Taylor will likely charged with three assault felonies.

Sources: 13 ABC, The Blade
Image Credit: 13 ABC Screenshot


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