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Ohio Dad Found Guilty After Injecting 14-Year-Old Son With Heroin Every Day For A Month

An Ohio father has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for injection his 14-year-old son with heroin.

Derrick Buell of Columbus, Ohio, pleaded guilty and struck a deal with the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office in June, but then tried to withdraw his plea, which the judge denied.

In the plea agreement, five of the six charges against Buell were dropped, reports Fox 28.

Buell, a well-known drug addict according to police, reportedly injected his 14-year-old son with heroin every day for a month last summer.

The boy's mother said that the day she got her son back, he was nearly unconscious. 

"He had foam coming out of his mouth and his eyes were rolling in his head," she told KBOI 2.

According to the teen's mother, he was supposed to be staying with his grandmother during the month that he was with his father. 

Her son has been in rehab and counseling since he left his father's home last year.

"I have my fingers crossed there is a bright future for him, but we can only take it one day at a time," the mother said.

Sources: KBOI 2, Fox 28 / Photo credit: Screenshot via KBOI 2


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