Ohio County Drops 'No Refusal' Checkpoints After Protests (Video)


Clark County, Ohio, held a "no refusal" checkpoint last Friday, which included blood draws.

However, protesters showed up at the checkpoint in Springfield, Ohio, and flooded the Clark County Sheriff's Office with negative feedback, noted Springfield Sun-News.

“If this is not a positive event then we need to find another way to do our job and create an environment of public safety, and I’m intending to do that,” Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly recently told WHIO (video below).

This is an abrupt turnaround from Clark County's authoritative support of "no refusal" checkpoints to ABC 22 last week.

A "no refusal" checkpoint means that every car must stop and allow law enforcement to search without probable cause, and the driver must submit to a blood test if officers get a warrant.

However, protesters showed up on a road in Springfield with signs to warn motorists about the checkpoint.

Sources: Springfield Sun-News, WHIO, ABC 22


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