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Ohio Councilman Eugene Miller Makes 911 Call About ‘Black Kids Acting A Fool’

An Ohio councilman is in hot water because of some comments he made during a 911 call in June about a disturbance outside of his house. Cleveland councilman Eugene Miller is on tape swearing at dispatchers “about 100 sorry black kids out here acting a fool.”

This is an excerpt of the call:

Dispatcher: “OK, what is going on?”

Miller: “I just got about 100 sorry black kids out here acting a fool. I’m Cleveland Councilman Eugene Miller, in front of my d--- house and I’m just sick of this ----”

Dispatcher: “OK, so about a hundred people out there?”

Miller: “Yes.”

Dispatcher: “And what are they doing?”

Miller: “Ma’am just get the ------ police over here, OK?”

Dispatcher: “What’s your name, sir?”

Miller: “Cleveland Councilman Eugene Miller, and I don’t give a d--- if we are being recorded. I said nobody should have to live through this ----!”

Dispatcher: “Sir, the police are on their way. I don’t know why you are…”

Miller: “You know why, because you don’t have to live through this ----”

Dispatcher: “What’s your phone number?”

Miller: “You don’t worry about my d--- phone number. I’m sick of this ----. You just do your own d--- job!”

Dispatcher: “Police are on their way.”

Miller’s opponent in an upcoming election, Councilman Jeffrey Johnson, said his adversary’s behavior showed “disrespect and unbridled rudeness,” The Blaze reported.

“His loss of control, no matter the reason, and his belittling of the dispatcher is unacceptable behavior by an elected member of the city council to a city employee,” Johnson said in a statement.

“I made a mistake being rude to the 911 operator," Miller said. "If I had it to do over again I wouldn’t do it that way.”

Sources: The Blaze, Fox 8


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