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Ohio Cop Shoots At Fleeing Driver, Kills Him (Video)

A police officer was filmed as he fatally shot a fleeing driver on Oct. 19 in a Lowe's parking lot in Willoughby, Ohio (video below).

A YouTube user who filmed and uploaded the dramatic footage, wrote on his page:

I wish I recorded the following 15 seconds before hand. I was pulling up to Lowe's to go shopping and witnessed this and immediately started recording. Before I started recording the suspect ignored police orders and put the vehicle in reverse and attempted to run over the police officers but ended up running over the police motorcycle instead, that's when I started recording.

Police identified the fleeing driver as Frank Sandor, notes After Sandor was shot, the car continued out of the parking lot, across a street and crashed in front of another shopping area.

Two unidentified police officers were questioning Sandor, who was reportedly wanted on drug and escape warrants in Lake County, and was allegedly driving a stolen car from Brunswick.

The police officers have not been identified; a police report has not been issued; 911 audio recordings have not been released, but were requested by the news site.

There's been no word as to whether or not Sandor was armed or threatened officers.

The Willoughby Police Department said in a statement released on Oct. 20 that Sandor gave the cops some fake information, put the car in reverse and hit a police motorcycle.

Willoughby Police Chief Jack Beckwith said that the officer who shot Sandor did have minor injuries after being hit by the car.

The department is conducting an investigation of the incident, as is the state.

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation spokeswoman Jill Del Greco said: "We're conducting the criminal investigation to map out exactly what happened, and we'll turn the investigation over to the local prosecutor if there was any criminal misconduct."

According to Del Greco, the investigation could likely take months because of the final autopsy and toxicology reports.

Seth Stoughton, a law professor at the University of South Carolina, told that it is "almost never OK" for police to fire their guns at a fleeing vehicle, but added that the U.S. Supreme Court has supported this type of gunfire in certain situations.

Sources:, Ohio Journalist/YouTube / Photo credit: Ohio Journalist/YouTube

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