Ohio Cop Refuses To Kill Knife-Wielding Man (Video)


There are numerous reports these days of police killing people thought to be armed but who turn out to be, in fact, unarmed. In a heroic effort, Glendale, Ohio, Police Officer Josh Hilling stopped a knife-wielding man March 27 without killing him (video below).

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters called Hilling "one brave individual" before releasing the body cam video April 6 that showed Hilling confronting Javier Pablo Aleman on a highway, notes WCPO.

In the video, Hilling asks Aleman why he is walking on the highway. He then requests his ID and tells him to put his hands on the police cruiser so he could pat the man down, but Aleman suddenly pulls a large knife and tells Hilling over and over to kill him.

The Cincinnati Enquirer notes that Aleman told Hilling to kill him more than 40 times.

Hilling does shoot Aleman once in the abdomen, but Aleman staggers around the highway with the knife, insisting that Aleman finish him off. However, Hilling refuses to shoot Aleman even after other officers arrive and tell him to fire his weapon.

Aleman, apparently feeling the effects of the bullet, eventually stops and bends over. He is then Tased by another officer and taken into custody by police.

In a dark twist, Aleman is a suspect in a fatal stabbing that occurred in Dundalk, Maryland, March 17.

"I'm not going to speak for the chief or the sheriff, but Joshua Hilling deserves a medal for what he did," Deters stated April 6.

According to Deters, the knife seen in the video may be the same knife that was used to kill Victor Adolfo Serrano in Maryland.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil stated: "[Hilling] got a bad hombre off the street."

Aleman is charged in Ohio with attempted murder and is currently in a Cincinnati hospital. Police are going to test his DNA to see if a match comes back from Maryland.

Hilling had only been a full-time cop for 12 weeks when the incident happened, but had worked part time since 2011.


Sources: WCPO, Cincinnati Enquirer / Photo credit: Glendale, Ohio Police Department via YouTube

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