Ohio Cop Puts Hand On Medic's Throat (Video)

A police officer was filmed with his hand on the throat of a medic in Portsmouth, Ohio, on Jan. 28 (video below).

Witnesses told WSAZ that the incident began when a man at a bar got into a fight and was knocked out. When the medic and police officer arrived on the scene, the man came to, but was apparently disoriented and/or agitated.

"[The cop] could've handled it a little better," witness Trevor Conley recalled. "I know the situation was crazy."

The witnesses said the cop used a stun gun on the man and when the medic tried to intervene, the cop turned on the EMT; that's when the viral Facebook video picks up.

Josh Journey, a second witness, told the news station: "The EMT told him, 'You can't be tasing this guy, he's bleeding, got head problems.'"

"And the cop said, 'Let me do my job,' and grabbed a hold of [the EMT] by his neck," Conley stated.

"He grabbed the EMT up," Journey added.

Chad Bennett, a third witness, said: "He grabbed him up here."

Journey continued: "I seen him have his hand on his throat all the way across the road, not in a walking manner, but kind of fast and had him up against that cruiser."

That's when Journey said he and his friends started filming: "He turned back, seeing us with all our phones out, and that's when he came across the street at us and was pretty hostile."

According to Journey, several cops tried to seize the cell phones, but failed.

"I think they realized that we had them, they'd messed up," Journey stated.

The Portsmouth police chief said the incident is under administrative review, and that the video only captures part of the story, which is what the three witnesses explained.

Life Medical Response, the company for which the medic works, said they are working with the police and will have more to say after the administrative review is complete.

A similar incident happened in 2009 when Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Daniel Martin was caught on video putting his hand on the throat of paramedic Maurice White after pulling over an ambulance, noted CNN.

Martin was told several times that there was a patient inside the ambulance, but delayed the emergency transport as a video was filmed.

Ultimately, Martin was suspended for five days, and White filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against him.

Sources:  WSAZ, CNN / Photo credit: Ibagli/Wikimedia Commons

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