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Ohio Cop Forces Dog Owner To Sit In Hot Car As Punishment After Finding Her Pet Locked Inside On Its Own

An Ohio police officer decided that a dog owner needed to know what it’s like to be locked inside a hot car after her dog was found trapped inside her vehicle on a hot day.

Reports say the officer in Strongsville, Ohio, responded to a call from a passerby at a Wal-Mart who saw the dog sitting in the car with the windows rolled up. The passerby called police out of concern for the dog’s safety, and by the time the officer arrived at the scene, the owner was returning to her vehicle.

Luckily, the dog wasn't harmed, but the officer was so annoyed he decided to make the woman sit inside her car with the engine off and the windows rolled up to see how she liked it. The officer reportedly claims that the woman was fine when she got out, but she did “look uncomfortable.”

In the end, the woman got off with a warning, but she’ll probably think twice about leaving her dog locked in a hot car after experiencing it herself.

Sources: 19 Action News, WGRD

Photo Sources: M C Morgan via Flickr, Wikimedia Commons


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