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Ohio Cop Follows Black Man For Making 'Direct Eye Contact,' Tickets Him (Video)

A black man was recently followed by an Ohio police officer for making "direct eye contact," and ticketed for an unusual traffic violation (video below).

Talk show host David Pakman notes on The Huffington Post that the black man, John Felton, posted the video on Facebook and one of Pakman's viewers alerted him (Pakman) to the video, which he aired.

In the early part of the video, the officer tells Felton that he used his turn signal, but not the required 100 feet before his turn area, CBS Cleveland reports.

Later in the video, Felton asks the cop why he was "trailing" him before the traffic stop, and the officer states: "Because you made direct eye contact with me, and you held on to it while I was passing you."

(Note: "Direct Eye Contact" part begins at 2:30 mark on video)

Sources: The Huffington Post, CBS Cleveland / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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