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Ohio Cop Calls Dogs Over, Fatally Shoots One Dog (Video)

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Police body camera footage shows the moment Officer Josh Tenney shoots and kills a dog that came running towards him in Alliance, Ohio, on July 21 (video below).

Tenney was responding to a number of calls about three unleashed dogs when the incident occurred, according to his police report. During the search, the officer came across the dogs' owner, 28-year-old Mark Sampson, who was also looking for the at-large canines, The Review notes.

In the footage, Tenney repeatedly calls for the unleashed dogs for more than two minutes, The Free Thought Project notes. When the canines ignore him, he pleads with them, "Come here puppy!" claps his hands and whistles.

When the dogs finally obey Tenney's commands and come running, he opens fire, killing one of them.

Tenney reportedly killed a 3-year-old pitbull named China in the incident, according to The Review. Police cited Sampson because his Rottweiler was allegedly unlicensed, Tenney's report notes.

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Sampson reportedly told Tenney: "They wouldn't hurt a soul."

In his police report, Tenney remarked that he came across the three dogs later during his search.

I exited my cruiser and activated my (point-of-view) camera system. The dogs were starting to head further east and around the corner of the building. I began clapping and calling to the dogs in the least aggressive voice possible as to not startle the dogs and to let my presence be know.

Tenney also noted that he kept calling for the dogs:

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[I] continued to call out and that's when one of the dogs barked several times, and the light tan female started to run in my direction. The smaller, dark brown dog began barking and biting at the large female in what almost seemed like (the dark brown dog) was protecting me or at least attempting to stop the large female...

...The large female came out of the ditch directly towards me again and the dark brown dog began biting at it ... At that point, I was almost up against the brick wall behind me. The large female got about two feet from me still aggressively charging, (and) that is when I fired my weapon three times in an attempt to stop it.

Deputy Dog Warden Kevin Fox reportedly asked Sampson if he wanted his dog's body to bury, but Sampson replied: "What am I gonna do with the dog, man. It's dead."

According to Tenney, Sampson told the officers: "I appreciate the help, man. You did what you had to do. Have a good day."

The Free Thought Project questioned Tenney's plan, or lack of, writing: "Why did Officer Tenney call the dog if he was only going to kill him when he came running at him? Why didn't the officer at least extend a hand to see if the do was going to sniff or lick him, instead of going straight to the firearm to end the perceived threat to his safety?"

Sources: The Free Thought Project, The Review / Photo Credit: Daniel Herrick/Wikimedia Commons, Carl Freitag/Flickr, Jeremy Bronson/Flickr

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