Ohio Community Divided Over Cheerleader Skirts


The West Clermont, Ohio school district community is divided over a surprisingly simple issue. Parents and students are split over the district’s recent decision to forbid cheerleaders from wearing their uniforms to school.

For years, cheerleaders were allowed to wear their uniforms to school on football game days. It was a sign of school spirit. But two high school principals, who happen to be married, are changing that. They’ve banned cheerleaders from wearing their uniforms to class because they violate the district's dress code.

The district dress code states that, “Shirts must not be halter, crop, midriff, tank, strapless, backless, spaghetti straps or muscle shirts. Length of shorts, skirts and dresses must be no higher than mid-thigh in length.”

Since the cheerleader’s skirts are higher than the dress code permits, they're no longer allowed to be worn in class. West Clermont Communications Coordinator Debbie Alberico says the rule makes perfect sense.

"This is a rule. This is a policy. It's in the handbook. Everybody knows it," Alberico told WLWT. "They were thinking that by letting the cheerleaders come in their short skirts, that is against the dress code. It would be detrimental to the cheerleaders’ well-being throughout the school day."

Some parents, like Michelle Bauman, take issue with that stance.

"That's not fair. If they are allowed to wear the short skirts out on the football field, they should be allowed to wear them in school. What's the difference? What was the point?" Bauman said.

Alberico says not letting cheerleaders wear uniforms to school is just as simple as not letting football players wear their uniforms, either.

"Sporting events are on school property. However when you are participating in the event, you're wearing your uniform. Just like a football player wears his uniform with his pads and all his gear, cheerleaders wear their uniforms at the sporting event," Alberico said.

Life must be pretty good in Union Township, Ohio if this is what people get upset about. 

Sources: WLWT, WCPO


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