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Ohio Cat Lover Mauled To Death By 60-Pound Neighborhood Dogs

Ohio police found the naked, mauled body of Klonda Richey Friday morning on a Dayton sidewalk guarded by the two 60-pound mixed-mastiffs that allegedly killed her.

Police responded to a call reporting a naked body lying in the snow on the sidewalk. The 57-year-old cat-lover’s clothing had been torn off in the attack.

Authorities said the dogs charged them when they attempted to recover the body and were fatally shot.

Richey’s next-door neighbors and the owners of the dogs, Andrew Nason, 28, and Julie Custer, 25, were arrested Friday and face charges of reckless homicide.

There have been nine complaints filed about the dogs being at large in the neighborhood, Mark Kumpf, director of Montgomery County’s Animal Resource Center, told the Dayton Daily News.

Richey worked for Montgomery County for 25 years in the Job & Family Services’ Administrative Services Division.

City officials recovered 20 healthy cats from Richey’s home.

Director of the Montgomery County Coroner’s Officer, Ken Betz, says there have been three deaths due to dog attacks in the county since 2011.

“Anybody who encounters a dog that they’re not familiar with should try and back away from the situation,” warned Kumpf. “If they are not able to do so, one of the things that we recommend is that they make themselves a smaller target as possible.”

Sources: New York Daily News, Dayton Daily News


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