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5-Year-Old Gets Help For Overdosed Parents

A 5-year-old boy from Middletown, Ohio, is being hailed as a hero after he walked through his neighborhood all by himself to inform a relative that his parents had overdosed on heroin.

According to WLWT, two individuals, later identified as Lee Johnson and Chelsie Marshall, overdosed on heroin on the morning of May 18. In response, their 5-year-old son walked two blocks while barefoot to the house of his step-grandfather, Kenneth Currey, to inform him of what had happened. The child reportedly thought that his parents were dead. 

Currey called the police, who reportedly responded at around 5:30 a.m. 

"When I walked up the steps and [saw] him laying in the bathroom floor and her in the hallway, I immediately called 911 because I knew what was up," Currey told WLWT when speaking about the incident.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the child's 3-month-old sister crying and strapped into a car seat that was on the floor. In addition, they found the two parents to be unconscious. Police were able to revive Johnson at the scene but had to transport Marshall to a hospital before she regained consciousness.

Marshall and Johnson are currently being held in the local jail on bonds of $7,500 each. They are facing two charges of endangering children and one count of disorderly conduct with heroin. According to Middletown Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw, the couple has not shown remorse for their actions.

"Parents, wake up. People that are doing this, you're not just hurting you, you're hurting your families and your kids," Muterspaw said of the incident. "I mean this could've turned out really bad for two children that don't deserve it."

Following the incident, the two children were taken to the local police department, where the 5-year-old boy was given a badge for his brave actions, which arguably saved the lives of his parents and sister. Currey also praised the boy for his actions.

"I'm very proud of the boy, very proud of him, but it's just, tragedy," Currey said. Currey also said that the children are currently in the care of other family members. 

The day of the incident, the Middletown Division of Police made a post on their Facebook page describing the event. The post also warned of the dangers of drug addiction (and its link to child endangering) and urged those with drug addictions to seek help, providing a list of resources.

"IT HAS TO STOP! PLEASE get help before it's too late," part of the post read. "Not only to save yourself, but to save your kids. Give these kids a chance by getting help. If you or someone you love has a drug problem, please seek help right now."

Sources: WLWT, Middletown Division of Police/Facebook / Photo credit: Pixabay

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