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Ohio Lawmakers Approve Concealed Carry On Campus

Less than two weeks after a man stabbed 11 people at Ohio State University on Nov. 28, the state legislature voted on Dec. 9 to do away with several types of "no gun zones" and allow concealed weapons there.

Under House Bill 48, public universities, daycare centers and public segments of airports would be permitted to allow concealed guns, though operators of each location would have the option to independently continue to ban weapons, reports Reuters.

Ohio state senators voted 22-8 in favor of the measure, following a 68-25 House vote the day before on Dec. 8.

"College campuses and the areas surrounding them present environments rich with potential victims," Tarak Underiner, OSU student and member of the school's chapter of Students for Concealed Carry, said as the senate debated the bill, according to the Columbus Dispatch. "They're willing to gamble we're unarmed and it pays off."

Despite the Nov. 28 attack, in which an 18-year-old student ran his car into a group of people, jumped out and stabbed them before a police officer arrived on scene and shot him dead, not everyone was in favor of passing the law.

Former police officer and current OSU law student Angelina Vega said she wished she had her gun when she received the emergency text message that day, but pointed out that she has extensive training, and not everyone is as prepared as the police officer who quickly responded to the incident.

"I would be concerned that during an attack or active-shooter situation, I could be shot by a well-meaning vigilante in addition to the threat committing the attack," she added. "In my experience, most people lack the necessary training and experience to effectively stop a threat using a handgun."

More than 150 public colleges across the nation allow concealed guns on campus, and proponents say there have not been any incidents related to that, according to Underiner.

The bill is on Republican Gov. John Kasich's desk and awaits his approval, notes Reuters.

Sources: Reuters, Columbus Dispatch / Photo Credit: Webmaster102/Wikimedia Commons

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