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Ohio Woman, 19, Fatally Shot In Head by Cousin Over Easter Attire

According to the Associated Press on April 6th:

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Police in Ohio say a woman shot her cousin to death during an argument that started because one woman didn't think the other was dressed properly for Easter dinner.

Columbus police say 19-year-old Danielle Pickens showed up Sunday night at the home of Evelyn Burgess wearing a T-shirt and jean shorts. Detective Steven Eppert says 42-year-old Burgess told officers she thought the outfit was inappropriate and disrespectful.

The women fought.

Police say Pickens walked outside to leave and Burgess shot her in the head with a handgun. Pickens died at a hospital early Monday.

Eppert says Burgess told investigators she didn't mean to shoot Pickens.
Burgess is to appear in court Tuesday on a murder charge. Court records don't show an attorney for her.


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