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The Knockout Game Could Be Making A Comeback (Photos)

The Knockout Game Could Be Making A Comeback (Photos) Promo Image

People in New York City and Pittsburgh may be feeling more wary of strangers on the street after multiple random attacks led to renewed fear of the "Knockout Game." What's different this time is that the teens responsible are starting to take pictures with the victims after they're on the ground.

The most recent incident happened Oct. 26 outside a Shake Shack in Brooklyn, according to the New York Post. 

The victim, a 43-year-old man out walking his dogs, was allegedly knocked unconscious by a group of teenagers who then posed for a selfie with the unconscious man. 

"As he went to tie up his dogs to confront these kids, the group distracted him from the front and then one came up behind him and hit him in the head," a witness told WCBS. 

The teens were seen throwing water and milkshakes at the man before knocking him out with a punch to the jaw.

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After the one teen who delivered the knockout punch took a photo with the victim, the group scattered and disappeared, the witness told WCBS.

The man was reportedly unconscious for 45 minutes. Several bystanders helped the man.

"There's no point to it, it's crazy," Charisma Jano-Baptiste told the New York Post about the knockout game.

The point of the "game" is to knock a stranger unconscious with one punch. 

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The recent attack in Brooklyn was similar to another New York City incident that occurred in September. 

In the September case, Susan Farina, 53, says she was knocked unconscious as she walked her dog.

Police are searching for three men suspected with attacking Farina, who was left with a swollen and bleeding face, according to WCBS. 

"The police last night were telling me that this group of kids, it was the second time they had done it last night, and this seems to be this ongoing contest or trend amongst these teens," one person told WCBS after the Brooklyn incident. 

An attack in Pittsburgh was captured on security cameras and shows a man knocking out a woman on the sidewalk. Multiple people in the video see the woman lying unconscious and simply take photos or videos of the victim instead of helping. 

"They don't treat animals like that," the Pittsburgh victim's mother told KDKA. "They wouldn't treat a dog that way."

"It's disgusting. My daughter needs help," she added. 

Pittsburgh police said they believe they know who attacked the woman, but they are still investigating as of Oct. 26. 

No arrests have been made in either New York incident and some people wonder what can really be done about such random attacks. 

"How do they get a handle on something like that?" Krystin Clark, a 25-year-old Brooklyn student, told the New York Post. "It's worrisome. I'm a petite woman."

Clark says she'll be crossing the street if she sees a group of teenagers headed her way.

"It makes me very sad," she said.

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