Day Care Workers Fired Over Abusive Snapchat Videos


North Carolina child care workers were caught on camera abusing the children they were supposed to be looking after.

A series of disturbing Snapchats showed employees of Childcare Network in Charlotte doing things like verbally bullying the children. 

The video showed at least two child care workers ridiculing a child for going to the bathroom outside, asking if he’s a dog and continuing the verbal cruelty.

"We don't get paid to pick up your s---," one of the women in the video said. "We don't."

The day care company does not allow cellphones inside the building, according to WJZY. Some of the videos are too graphic to describe or show.

“I thought it was a good day care until now. You never know what's going on behind closed doors,” parent Donnell Davis told WSOC.

Grandmother Tangie Bostic said that after seeing the recordings, her granddaughter won't be going back.

“It's terrible, it’s terrible. They shouldn't be able to do stuff like that to kids,” Bostic told WSOC.

According to day care center manager, Okeyma Wright, the employee and teacher in the video have been fired after the incident.

“We are so terribly saddened that the incident happened with that employee. They are no longer employed here,” says Wright. 

Childcare Network said it does background checks on all employees and that the one worker in the video had used poor judgment.

“We have been working with authorities. That employee will never be working in early child care ever again,” Wright said.

Parents were given letters detailing the incident on April 5 and staff spoke with parents individually.

“We've been here and never had issues so I wasn't expecting anything like that, but they handled it really good,” Sila Vlachou said.

In an email statement Childcare Network's Chief Operating Officer Dana Ramsey wrote: 

"We were shocked and saddened last evening when we were made aware of a video that had been sent to a local reporter, reflecting an employee who worked as a teacher/substitute/floater at our school attempting to ridicule a child. 

"It was heartbreaking to all of us here. We have many questions and we will be working in the days ahead to find answers. We screen all of our employees, and work to establish a culture of love and support for our children and families. 

"We are very protective of the safety and well being of our children and are saddened to think that someone that had been on our team would ever address or handle a child in this manner. We apologize to our families and the community for the actions of this staff member. 

"Despite all that we do to prevent this type of thing from happening, this person used extremely poor judgment.  She will not work for us again. 

"We have reported this and it will be investigated by the state, and if found responsible, this person and the teacher who was in the room with her will not work in any childcare environment ever again.

"We have been serving families in the Charlotte area for more than 18 years. We have worked hard to gain five star ratings and the trust of our parents. We work to hire highly qualified staff and have a long term management team that is quality focused. We have hundreds of great, educated, and loving teachers in the Charlotte area, who have dedicated their careers to improving the lives of children and families. 

"The wrong doing of this employee will put a scar on our hearts. Our staff, our school and our company are not represented by the choices that she made that day. We are a family of people that care, and we will rise above this together and we will move on to be our best."

Sources: WJZY, WSOCTV / Photo credit: Screenshot via WJZY

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