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Officials Take One Look At Mother's Facebook Post, Issue Warrant For Her Arrest (Photo)

Officials Take One Look At Mother's Facebook Post, Issue Warrant For Her Arrest (Photo) Promo Image

Police in Beaumont, Texas, are investigating a Facebook post in which someone allegedly attempted to sell their baby daughter.

According to KBMT 12 News, a user posted an advertisement on a local Facebook group set up for people to find deals. The post reads, “Baby for sale. Best Offer? Btw, I'm located in Beaumont must pick her up.”

The user who posted the advertisement in the “For Sale or Wanted in Setx” group deleted it after controversy erupted, according to KBMT 12, but a screenshot of the post was taken. Unfortunately, police are having a hard time tracking the person down because when the name of the person who posted the ad is searched on Facebook, no results are shown.

Texas law says that selling a child is illegal, even if it’s “almost like an adoption where there's money exchanged,” Beaumont Police Officer Doug Kibodeaux said. If the person is found, they could still face serious charges, even if the post turns out to have been nothing more than a joke.

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“He (or she) might not get any serious penitentiary time or prison time, but it doesn't mean that he's not going to be filed on,” Kibodeaux said.

Some believe that the post was a joke and that people are taking it too seriously, but others say that making that sort of a joke crosses a line.

“The baby post was a joke, and people take it to [sic] seriously!” a Facebook user commented on KBMT News’ page. “No since [sic] of humor what so ever [sic].”

“There's a limit and this has definitely crossed it,” local resident Tack Somers told KBMT News. “I don't think that that's funny in any way. I don't see how any responsible parent could find that funny.”

Police are asking that anyone with more information about the post contact them immediately.

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