Fate Of Girl Who Fled Home To Join ISIS Revealed


A British teen who fled her home to join ISIS in Syria was afraid to attempt escape from the terrorist organization after the public execution of a fellow jihadi bride, and she was ultimately killed in an airstrike.

The 17-year-old was the first British female ISIS member to die since the beginning of the "caliphate." A lawyer for her family ultimately revealed that she was planning to escape ISIS’ reign but became too scared to do so when she witnessed the public execution of another female member who tried to leave.

According to the Daily Mail, a solicitor for the family of Kadiza Sultana spoke to the BBC about the teen.

“If ISIS were to detect and capture you, their punishment was quite brutal for trying to leave,” Tasnime Akunjee stated. “In the week she was thinking about these issues, a young Austrian girl who had been caught trying to leave ISIS territory, was by all reports beaten to death publicly. I think Kadiza took that as a bad omen and decided not to take the risk.”

Akunjee said that Kadiza’s reason for leaving was that she “found out quite quickly that the propaganda doesn’t match up with the reality. She had made some enquiries and plans off own volition but those came to nought in the end."

The teen’s family learned of her death through people in the city of Raqqa. 

“We were expecting this in a way. But at least we know she is in a better place,” they said in a statement to ITV News.

“We do not wish her name to come up in the headlines again ... She is gone and we would like to respect her wishes."

Akunjee told ITV News that the Kadiza was quick to become disillusioned with ISIS and was eager to return home.

“You would move heaven and earth to get any child back from a danger zone, and this family had done all they could and stretched every sinew to get their daughter, their sibling back home,” he said. 

“But there is always the situation when you have a person in a warzone that the worst could happen, and unfortunately it just wasn't possible to have her home before the risk caught up with her."

Sources: Daily Mail, ITV News / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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