Animal Shelter Saves Dog With Misaligned Snout (Photos)

A nonprofit animal shelter in Oregon has been credited with saving a special dog's life.

Picasso is a 10-month-old pit bull-corgi mix, WGN-TV reported. He was born with a misaligned snout that makes him look like the subject of a painting by famed artist Pablo Picasso.

After Picasso's Southern California breeder failed to find any buyers for him and his brother, Pablo, the dogs were surrendered and were at high risk of being euthanized. That's when Luvable Dog Rescue stepped in.

Luvable Dog Rescue is a nonprofit organization based in Eugene, Oregon, that frequently takes "hard to place" dogs with medical conditions. Executive director Liesl Wilhardt rescued Picasso and Pablo, and posted videos of the dogs on Instagram.

To accompany one video, Luvable wrote a long caption to explain the situation:

Nope- you're not seeing things! This little guys' face is all wonky - and according to his breeder, who wasn't able to sell him and so finally dumped him at a shelter - he was born this way… Luvable agreed to take the boy with the crooked face first and then we learned he had a brother who was also abandoned. We couldn't leave the brother behind so we said we would take him too!!! So both boys just arrived [at Luvable Dog Rescue] Saturday night thanks to the caring transport provided by Mark and Jane of [Edgewater Furniture] and [A New Leash on Life Dog Rescue]. They will be up for adoption in about two weeks once we've had the chance to evaluate them and get them vetted and healthy... WE LOVE THEM!!! They seem to be some kind of corgi-dachshund blend ...? Stay posted for updates!

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The video was viewed more than 100,000 times in three weeks. Soon after, several media outlets began sharing Picasso's story, and the dog's face was seen by thousands of people across the world.

"He is completely unselfconscious about his looks and does not judge himself or others harshly on outward appearances," Wilhardt told WGN-TV, adding that people from all over the world have expressed interest in adopting Picasso and Pablo.

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The organization said the dogs are not quite ready to be adopted.

Picasso will undergo dental surgery to correct a painful condition caused by his misaligned snout. The organization will then evaluate what's best for Picasso and Pablo. They added that the dogs will be put up for adoption as a pair.

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Luvable has also received nearly $2,000 in donations from animal lovers inspired by Picasso's story. It said anyone who is interested in adopting the dogs should follow their social media accounts for updates.

"Picasso could teach others what we share in common is more important than what is different," Wilhardt said. "People are the same. No matter where people are from, or what they look like, we are the same."

Sources: WGN-TV, Luvable Dog Rescue/Instagram / Photo credit: Instagram via CosmpolitanLuvable Dog Rescue/Instagram

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