Officials Make Unexpected Discovery In 7-Month-Old Girl's Hospital Room


A mother was discovered dead in her 7-month-old daughter's hospital room on the morning of Jan. 7, due to an apparent heroin overdose. The woman's husband was found unconscious in the same room and has been arrested.

WXIX reports that the couple, Wesley and Mary Ann Landers, had originally traveled from Alabama to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Ohio to get trachea reconstruction surgery for their infant daughter.

Cincinnati Police Lt. Stephen Saunders said Mary Ann was found dead in her daughter's hospital room at around 11 a.m., reports. WXIX reports she was found with a syringe in her arm.  Wesley was found locked in a bathroom, unconscious and also reportedly with a syringe in his arm, which authorities believed to contain heroin.

Mary Ann's cause of death was ruled pending. Her autopsy was scheduled to take place on Jan. 8, according to

Wesley was rushed to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and was revived with narcan, which helps reverse the effects of a overdose of opioids.

Both Wesley and Mary Ann had also been carrying firearms when they were discovered by hospital staff.

Saunders said Wesley has been charged with drug possession, drug paraphernalia possession and carrying a concealed weapon. WXIX reports that his bail is to be set at $400,000.

“It just goes to show you how strong the grip is of drugs,” said Dr. Lakshmi Kode Sammarco, the Hamilton County Coroner.

She added that the Landers' case was particularly difficult to understand.

“There is just something inherently wrong with bringing a child to a very specialized medical center, one of the best in the world, and then making a really bad mistake and losing your own life,” she said.

The daughter is reportedly recovering from her surgery, although it is unclear who currently has custody of the infant. Police say the investigation is ongoing.

Sources: AL.comWXIX / Photo credit: Facebook via WXIX


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