Officials Make Disturbing Discovery Inside Home Of Woman Who Hadn't Been Seen In 2 Years


Police discovered the body of a Maine woman in her mobile home on Jan. 8. While she had passed away from natural causes, authorities were shocked to discover that she had been dead for two-and-a-half years.

Lucie McNulty of Wells, Maine, had been known in her neighborhood as a loner.

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, McNulty moved to the Maine community in 2000. She would have groceries and other amenities dropped off and only left her mobile home to fetch the mail. It was this reclusive behavior that lead to many not questioning why she hadn’t been seen for over two years, Portland Press Herald reports.

“She was strange, but I guess we’re all strange in some way,” recalled neighbor Toni Jones. “Nothing specific, just strange. Like she didn’t quite know how to deal with people."

“It is a sad situation,” Wells police Lt. Gerald Congdon said. “She was the type of person to always have her shades down and her curtains drawn. She was very much a loner.”

Wells police had made occasional stops at McNulty’s mobile home but never had probable cause to forcibly enter.

“At that time, there wasn’t much we could do,” Congdon said. “There was absolutely nothing to indicate anything was wrong. The power was still on.”

Police finally felt certain that something was wrong after McNulty’s property had racked up $2,740.09 in past due taxes and that mail sent to the house had gone unanswered for so long that it the post office began returning to senders.

McNulty’s body was discovered in her bedroom. The Maine Medical Examiner’s Office ruled that she had succumbed to ischemic cardiovascular disease.

She would have been 69 years old today.

Neighbor Lois Martin had called police out of concern for McNulty’s absence sometime in the last two years. She is troubled that a corpse was allowed to rot two houses down from her home but doesn’t blame the Wells police.

“I know their hands were tied,” Martin said. “It’s just so sad to think that with all the people in this town, no one was concerned enough. No human being deserves to die like that.”

Sources: Portland Press Herald / Photo Credit: Portland Press Herald 


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