Officials Make Disturbing Discovery In Backyard Of Local Home


The body of an 8.5 pound baby girl has been discovered in the backyard of a North Carolina home, according to WRAL. 

The discovery was made by Franklin County police in the Fox Ridge Farms subdivision of Louisburg, a town with a population of 3,359. The parents of the deceased child were two young teenagers, and the 16-year-old mother was suspected to have given birth to the girl in her parents’ home, where she also lives. The baby was found wrapped in a grocery bag and buried in a shallow grave beneath the soil of the yard. 

Franklin County Sheriff Jerry Jones expressed his dismay regarding the situation, claiming that teenagers and parents in general should be aware of the options available for unwanted pregnancies. 

“There are ways around that,” said Jones. “Taking it to a safe drop-off place. Getting prenatal care. Putting the baby up for adoption. There are other options instead of taking a life.” 

Although the young parents are suspected of being responsible for the child’s death, no charges have been filed and the investigation is still underway. The time or cause of death is also unknown, as the state medical examiner’s office determined that the baby was born healthy. 

According to the San Luis Obispo Tribune, the mother of the child has been hospitalized as she recovers from childbirth. 

“It’s just a situation that went bad very, very quick and is going to affect several people,” Jones said. 

Sources: WRALSan Luis Obispo Tribune


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