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Orlando Shooter's Wife And Father Added To No-Fly List

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The wife and mother of Omar Mateen, the Orlando gay club shooter, have been added to federal no-fly lists.  

The New York Daily News reports that investigators are working to determine what role, if any, Mateen's wife Noor Salman, and his father Seddique Mateen, played in the massacre that killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Salman was alleged to be with her husband when he reportedly bought ammunition and a holster.  When Mateen took hostages in a bathroom inside Pulse nightclub, he reportedly messaged his wife to ask if she had seen him on the news.  

According to the News, Salman typed back that she loved him. 

Salman has claimed that she attempted to persuade her husband not to go forward with his murderous plot, but a grand jury has yet to determine whether she and/or Mateen's father will be indicted on charges relating to the crime.  

People took to the News' Facebook page to vent their frustration over the incident.  

"This would be the wife who texted "I love you" to this murderer in the middle of his rampage," one poster wrote.  

"The wife was very much involved & should be arrested," another commented.  "She was with him stalking out Disney, with him buying guns & texted with him during the shooting.  I hope she goes to jail.  She is not innocent." 

Being added to the no-fly list will bar both Salman and the elder Mateen from traveling on any commercial airlines.  

A spokesman for the U.S. Government's Terrorist Screening Database, which monitors the no-fly lists, would not confirm whether Salman and Seddique Mateen's names have been added.

"The Terrorist Screening Center does not publicly confirm nor deny whether any individual may be included in the U.S. Government's Terrorist Screening Database or a subset list," spokesman Dave Joly said.

"Disclosure of an individual's inclusion or non-inclusion in the TSDB or on the No Fly List would significantly impair the government's ability to investigate and counteract terrorism and protect transportation security."

The massacre in Orlando is considered to be the worst mass shooting in the nation's history. 

Sources: New York Daily News, New York Daily News​/Facebook / Photo credit: Noor Salman/Facebook via NDTV​

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