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Officials Identify Cause Of 10-Year-Old Girl's Weight Gain And Stomach Issues, Quickly Call 911

Justin Roshud Smith, 20, is accused of raping and impregnating a 10-year-old girl. 

Last week, police in Wynne, Arkansas, arrested Smith and charged him with three counts of rape and one count of endangering a minor, according to FOX13.

Police told FOX13 that they informed something was amiss when medical professionals treating the girl at a local hospital discovered she was pregnant.

According to a release from the Wynne Police Department, Smith’s bail was set at $500,000. He’s due back in court on Oct. 2. He faces a minimum of 25 years in prison if he is found guilty.

One detective told FOX13 that he hopes children will reach out if they’re being harmed.

"If someone is doing something to you but you don't think it's right, tell a counselor or go to a parent,” said a law enforcement official identified as Det. Smith.

Sources: Wynne Police Department/FacebookMy Fox MemphisKATVKHTV

Photo credit: Wynne Police Department via KATV


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