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Officials Inch Closer To Finding Tom Brady Jersey Thief

Officials may be one step closer to finding out who stole New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's Super Bowl game jersey after the team won, but the list of possible suspects is surprising.

The NFL says those who had access to the locker rooms at the time of theft include Patriots players, officials and employees, their family members, NFL employees and the media, the New York Post reports. 

It is possible an individual from one of those groups may have stolen the jersey while Brady was taking photos after his victory.

While it's not certain what kind of punishment the thief may face, it's likely to be severe. Ken Goldin of New Jersey’s Goldin Auctions says the jersey could be worth half a million dollars.

"Whoever took it has to be scared as [expletive]," an NFL source working on the investigation said, reports Yahoo Sports. "They had no idea what they were getting into. Now it’s everywhere. If that thing is worth $500,000 like some people are saying, that’s prison time. It might not even be easy to give it back at this point."

While the lack of surveillance video in the locker room is an obstacle, authorities hope security recordings outside of the locker room and in the walkway will help narrow down the list.

It's not certain how much of a help video recordings will be.

"Video might be the only thing that could show who went into the locker room [during that time]," said one source. "At this point, that might not even exist in a form that is helpful. Other video from [reporters] inside the locker room might be something [sought]. There may not be any video at all from the period of time before media got access."

Houston authorities say finding the jersey is considered a top priority.

"We deem this a pretty important case," Houston Police Department Executive Assistant Chief G.T. Buenik said. "We want our top investigators on this case. Hopefully we’ll make an arrest but more importantly, recover that jersey for Tom Brady. There’s really no leads at this point. We are piecing together different sets of information."

Sources: New York Post, Yahoo Sports / Photo credit: Tom Brady/Facebook

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