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Officials Finally Discover What Happened To Family Of 4 That Vanished Months Ago

On June 19, four members of the Kimberly family — Rebecca, 17, Roger, 13, Donny, 15, and their father Ace, 45 — vanished in their sailboat after leaving the coast of Sarasota, Florida.

The plan was to sail to Fort Myers to do repairs on the boat, which the family had been living on for about a year, reports the Daily Mail.

Ace had reportedly called his brother on June 19, informing him that they were "attempting to survive" in rough waters offshore near Englewood. Two days later, the Coast Guard was alerted and began to search for the missing family.

On June 22, various debris from the boat was recovered, including kayaks, life vests, a tarp, a propane tank and a basketball.

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Soon thereafter, the Coast Guard discovered Rebecca’s body in the water, with her life vest still on.

The search continued on June 23, which turned up more debris from the boat, and then the as-yet unidentified body of another member of the Kimberly family, four miles southeast of where the first body was found, according to the Miami Herald.

Despite the grim prospects, the U.S. Coast Guard captain Gregory Case said the search remains a search-and-rescue mission rather than a search-and-recover mission.


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