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Officials Ask Woman Where Her New Baby Is, Are Left Stunned By Her Response

Melissa Mitin, 25, is facing murder charges over the death of her infant daughter. Mitin allegedly concealed her pregnancy before giving birth at a friend’s home in Okemos, Michigan, in December of 2013. She then put the baby face-down in a waste basket, where the baby asphyxiated and died.

Mitin, who was free on bond while she awaited her trial, allegedly gave birth to a son last month. On Tuesday, Mitin told an Ingham County family court judge that she “could not recall” where her infant son was.

Mitin is currently being held in jail and has been ordered to undergo a battery of psychiatric tests. 

According to Lansing State Journal, Ingham County Assistant Prosecutor Debra Rousseau said in court: “We believe she is a danger to the community — and of course the most vulnerable members (of the community) are infants who can't speak for themselves.”

Mitin’s attorney, Frank Reynolds, added, "I have some serious concerns about her psychological well-being.”

It is unknown who fathered Mitin’s son, and the baby is still missing. Child Protective Services were called after Mitin returned to her doctor’s office and informed them she had already given birth. Mitin was living with her parents at the time.

The missing baby is approximately 3 weeks old.

Source: Lansing State Journal / Image via Lansing State Journal


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