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Officers Stop Speeding Car, Deliver Baby (Photos)

After pulling a couple over for speeding on Mother’s Day, two California police officers unexpectedly ended up helping the woman in the car deliver her baby.

"Messiah Tindley was born on Mother's Day, inside the vehicle escorted by LAPD officers,” a police statement explained, The Associated Press reports.

Officers Maraea Toomalatai and Brian Armendariz pulled the car over for a traffic stop after the male driver, Mohammed Tindley, tried to rush his partner to hospital.

When they realized what was going on, the two police officers alerted medical staff and tried to take the mother, Sasha Murphy, to the hospital.

Although they finally managed to reach the hospital, the two had to deliver the baby boy, Messiah, before they saw a doctor.

They later took photos with the new family.

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"On Mother's Day, two LAPD [Los Angeles Police Department] Newton Area officers, with 3 years of service each, made an everlasting impression in our community, they both made a difference," the LAPD later said in a news release, KNBC reports. "The officer's quick thinking, compassion, reasoning, and loving character, reflected positively in our community."

It’s not the first time a police officer delivered a baby in May.

North Carolina rookie Officer Kevin Jackson and his partner, Officer Mike Caskey, helped deliver a baby on the side of the road near Charlotte, WCNC reports.

"We see a lady across the road waving at us officers for help, and she said, 'I think my daughter's in labor right now.' I said, 'Alright!'" said Jackson.

“I was excited, anxious, fearful bringing life into this world -- [that's a] big deal, and only having five weeks on, I wasn’t sure I was ready,” he added.

Caskey said he had hoped an ambulance would arrive before they would have to do anything, but that didn’t end up being the case.

Within five minutes of stopping to help the woman, they both helped deliver the baby girl, Aria.

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Jackson explains he was happy to do it.

“I actually had an infant death two days prior, so seeing Aria in the hospital and being able to be a part of that really helped out with the coping -- really helped with the stuff we see and do as officers -- helped me see the 360, how everything comes full circle,” he said.

Sources: AP via Yahoo News,KNBC WCNC / Photo credit: LAPD via KTLA, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police via WCNC

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