Officers Shot in Standoff, Suspect Aaron Dumas Dies After Setting House On Fire

A four-hour long stake out in Memphis, Tenn. left two police officers shot and injured Tuesday after attempting to serve a warrant against a man wanted for attempted murder. The standoff ended after the suspect set the house on fire, with him inside.

Raw video footage caught on a cell phone obtained by Fox News 13 shows Officer Paul Hutchinson being shot in the leg as he and other officers tried to apprehend Aaron Dumas. The video also shows Hutchinson being dragged to safety by a fellow officer.

Another officer, Timothy Jackson was also shot in the leg during the shooting. Both he and Hutchinson are recovering. Dumas, 32, was found dead in a bathtub.

The stake out began when police arrived at a home to serve Dumas with a warrant that charged him with attempted murder in the Oct. 7 shooting of a former girlfriend and her brother.

Upon entering and searching the home, officers encountered Dumas and “were fired upon by Dumas,” said Police Director Toney Armstrong.

When officers tried to negotiate Dumas’ surrender, he refused, barricading himself in the home, firing numerous shots from the window. Hours later, Dumas died after he set the house on fire.

The father of the two victims who Dumas shot on the Oct. 7 incident, William White, told Fox 13 News Dumas was a coward.

“He should have immediately handed himself in but because of the type of individual that he is and being a coward that he is, he did in order to survive,” White said

Both of White’s children, Dumas’ ex-girlfriend and her brother, are said to be in stable condition.

Last year, Dumas allegedly set fire to an ex-girlfriend’s sport utility vehicle, according to the Commercial Appeal. He was accused of throwing an ignitable substance into the backseat of the SUV because he was “angry over a recent incident,” sparking a fire that also spread to another vehicle.

Sources: Commercial Appeal, Fox 13 News


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