Police Rescue Puppy Trapped On Dangerous Overpass


A 6-month-old puppy trapped on a ledge 32-feet above a busy highway in Wichita, Kansas was rescued on the Fourth of July by police officers assigned to the area.

Sgt. Jim Merrick was issuing a ticket to a driver that evening near an overpass on U.S. Highway 54 when he looked up and noticed a German shepherd puppy stranded on the ledge of the overpass, reports The Wichita Eagle. The 46-pound dog, whose name is Harley, reportedly jumped over a gate at his home after he was frightened by the sound of fireworks being shot off nearby. He ended up on the dangerous overpass, which is 32-feet above traffic and located at a dead end.

“Nobody knows how that happened,” Merrick said. “This dog had nowhere to go. People go 70, 80 on Kellogg all the time, and it was about a 32-foot drop down. The dog was stuck.”

Merrick says an officer offered his hand to the dog to sniff, but that the puppy got scared and ran off. Police chased Harley and were ultimately able to rescue him. One officer kept him overnight while the department posted the dog’s photo on its Facebook page, where it quickly became the department’s all-time most popular post and was shared more than 2,000 times, reports Inquisitr.

Harley’s owner saw the post and was able to reconnect with his pooch the next day.

“This was a very sweet dog,” Merrick said. “People who are shooting fireworks need to be aware that it affects not just them.”

Sources: The Wichita Eagle, Inquisitr


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