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Officers Praised For Rescuing Stranded Baby Ducks

Two Kansas police officers are being praised for saving a family of ducks after the little ones were separated from their mother.

Early Thursday morning, a resident of Eastborough stumbled upon a family of ducks that got separated after a storm and stuck in a sewer. The resident called the city clerk to ask for help with rescuing them, and soon after, Officers Kevin Dorritie and Michael Erwin went to get the situation under control.

“My first thought was, ‘Let’s go get some ducks out of a sewer,’” said Officer Erwin.

When the officers arrived, they discovered that the mother duck was staring down into the sewer at her ducklings, obviously worried about their safety. When Officer Erwin lifted the sewer gate from off the ground, the scared ducklings quickly scurried away. Erwin decided to act fast and laid on top of the storm drain opening to begin grabbing the baby ducklings.

“He was able to risk his life and limb to pull out the ducklings,” said Officer Dorritie of Erwin, a rookie.

Finally, after two got away and a chase ensued, the officers were able to scoop up all the ducklings and reunite them with their mother.

“We gave chase,” Dorritie joked. “Through some yards and over fences. We were able to apprehend the two juveniles. They were cited and released over to their mother.”

The entire rescue operation took around two hours, police say.

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