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Officers Praised After Buying Groceries For Needy Family

Two Victoria, Texas, police officers are viral superstars after doing something awesome for a family in need.

Rebecca Vasquez was in line behind Senior Officer Bryan Knief and Cadet Officer Anthony Vacarro while grocery shopping one evening and noticed that they had a full cart of groceries while on duty.

"It just seemed a little odd, just that they were in full uniform and everything,” said Vasquez.

The curious woman asked the officers what they were doing, and when they told her, she knew she had to get a picture of them.

"They actually told me that they were going to be donating the entire basket to a family in need," recalled Vasquez.

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Officers Knief and Vacarro had just been called to a home, and upon arrival, they noticed that the family had no food. So, instead of doing nothing, they decided to take a trip to the grocery store to buy the family groceries.

After Vasquez posted a picture of the officers online, it quickly went viral.

"They just felt the need that they needed to, in the kindness of their hearts, to go and buy this family food, and I just thought it was awesome," Vasquez said. "Of course they didn't do anything like this to get recognized or to be seen. I just happen asked them if it was okay if I put their picture up, and now people know that there's good people in Victoria."

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