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Police: Panhandler Had $1,800 In His Pockets At The Time Of His Arrest


Fresno, California, police arrested a well-known beggar. However, they probably didn't expect to find $1,800 in his pockets. 

Kevin Joy, 43, was apprehended by authorities on Jan. 18 after they saw him panhandle in a road’s center median and walk into traffic west of Highway 99, according to the Fresno Bee. Within a 20-minute period, he reportedly approached between 10 and 15 cars.

Joy violated a municipal code that forbids people from standing on the city’s medians without a permit, according to the Fresno Police Department.

“During his arrest he was found to have over $1,800 in his possession,” FPD Sgt. Todd Miller said in a news release, according to WFTV 9.

A picture showing the cash laid out in haphazard stacks – mostly made up of $20 bills – was released by the FPD. Police did not divulge where the money came from, reports WFTV 9.

Authorities said Joy is no stranger. Police have received several calls about the beggar from people who said he was habitually hostile and ran into traffic.

“Joy has been cited or arrested for similar violations 11 times within the last 17 days and over 60 times in 2015,” Miller said. “Joy has been offered city resources to improve his situation but instead chooses to live this lifestyle.”

Sources: WFTV 9, Fresno Bee / Photo credit: Fresno Police Department via WFTV 9

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