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Indiana Police Officers Save Christmas For Three Kids (Photos)

Indiana Police Officers Save Christmas For Three Kids (Photos) Promo Image

Two Indiana law enforcement officers took it upon themselves to save the holidays for the children of a woman who could not afford presents. The last-ditch presents delighted the family in the early hours of Christmas morning.

On Dec. 24, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police (IMPD) Officer Tiffany Rand responded to an investigation into a home in Indianapolis, Indiana. The officer noticed that the household did not have a Christmas tree and that the family's three children did not have presents, The Indianapolis Star reports.

"There are times in the profession of law enforcement that it can be forgotten by the general public that police officers are human, or it's believed that officers don't have feelings," the IMPD wrote on their official Facebook page, noting that Rand was heartbroken by the situation because she "is compassionate and caring."

Rand and fellow officer Ryan Archer decided that they would provide the children presents in Santa Claus's place.

"Officer Ryan Archer saw that Officer Rand was distraught by the situation and they began discussing how they wish things could be different and that they wished all families could experience the joy and magic of Christmas," the police department added.

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The evening had already passed into midnight, so both Archer and Rand drove to a local CVS and gas station to purchase gifts for the children. The two officers collected Barbie dolls, remote controlled cars, stuffed animals and a dozen doughnuts for the family.

Archer and Rand returned to the household and personally delivered the presents to the family.

"To say the children were overjoyed would be an understatement," the IMPD said. "The look of undeniable happiness on each one of their faces were priceless!"

During the 2017 holiday season, several other law enforcement officers across the country generously provided Christmas presents to people who had met financial hardship.

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Sophia Reed called police to report that her 13-year-old son kept sneaking out of her home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Officer Roland Russell discovered the teenager collecting cans to help his family afford Christmas presents, KOKH reports.

Russell, moved by the teenager's determination, rallied several members of the community to raise nearly $1,000 to purchase presents for the Reed family. The mother said she was overjoyed by the generosity.

"If you can be a help to somebody, help them cause we most definitely got help this year," Reed said.

On Dec. 24, youth opportunity coordinator Tamika McReynolds disclosed that a local law enforcement officer had anonymously donated $500 to her fundraiser to help a single mother afford presents for her 11 children, in Jersey City, New Jersey.

"He came to me and said, 'I want to be able to help; I have some extra money, and I want to be able to make a difference,'" McReynolds told

Natasha McKnight, the single mother who had adopted seven of her 11 children, said that she was moved to tears when she met her anonymous Christmas helper.

The donations helped McKnight afford presents for all of her children. The officer has remained anonymous.

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