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Washington Cops Go To Extremes To Help Homeless 19-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy (Video)

A 19-year-old Washington State man with Cerebral Palsy was homeless and living on the street when two police officers went above and beyond to help him.

Reports say that a Good Samaritan spotted Jake standing by himself on the side of a road by chance, and when he approached him, he learned that the 19-year-old was severely physically disabled.

“If I'd been delayed five minutes he would have been walking, and it would have been a whole different story,” said passerby Aaron Panagos.

Jake, who along with CP also has mental delays and communication issues, told Panagos that he was searching for a horse that had been nice to him at one point.

“That's basically one of his passions is horses, because people judge him and animals don't,” said Panagos.

Panagos decided to call the police, and that’s when Officers Paul Henderson and Derrick Lether responded. The officers, along with Panagos, brought Jake to a hospital to stay while they contacted multiple agencies to find him a place to live.

“This is a guy who just can't take care of himself,” said Henderson. “It's not like a choice he made. For somebody in his circumstance, it's definitely difficult because you want to see that kind of person being taken care of more so more than myself or some other family member.”

“You want to do everything you can to try and help him, but you're almost helpless because we've exhausted all options,” Lether said. “It's almost to the point you want to be bring him into your home, but obviously you can't because we're not set up to care for him the way he needs to be cared for.”

The officers were reportedly able to contact the 19-year-old’s family, but they have no interest in speaking with him.

An update on KOMO News’ story says that a local couple who already fostered two children with Cerebral Palsy welcomed Jake into their home after seeing his plight on the news.

Sources: ABC News, KOMO News


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