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Officer's Encounter With Black Man Goes Viral

When a woman overheard what a police officer was saying to a black man inside a Popeyes restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she felt compelled to share it on Facebook.

“We stopped at Popeyes for lunch after shopping and I seen the most amazing thing,” Crystal Stanley Simms wrote July 14 on Facebook. “The officer seen this guy sitting on the sidewalk and went and got him then took him in Popeyes and bought him lunch.”

“Anything you want boss,” Simms heard the officer tell the man.

Simms is incredibly appreciative of the kindness the officer showed the man, and told him so.

“Thank you officer from Zone 3 You are amazing,” she wrote. “I also went up to him and told him you are a wonderful officer with a big heart and he said I seen him sitting there and knew he was hungry I had too.”

Simms received positive comments to her post.

Love What Matters shared Simms’ story to its Facebook page and the post has since gone viral with at least 458 shares, more than 6,400 reactions and more than a hundred comments.

Sources: Crystal Stanley Simms/Facebook, Love What Matters/Facebook / Photo Credit: Crystal Stanley Simms/Facebook

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