Police Officer's Encounter With Homeless Man Goes Viral


A Cleveland police officer went above and beyond to help a homeless man, with his story quickly going viral.

Officer Jose Sadalua was alongside other officers when they responded to a complaint about a homeless man sleeping in the entrance of an apartment building.

When the officers arrived at the apartment building, they immediately asked 57-year-old homeless man Glenn Kline what they could do to help him. Temperatures that night were reportedly as low as 15 degrees.

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Sadalua was so concerned for Kline that he took his shoes off and gave them to him.

“They fit good and everything,” Kline told FOX 8. Sadalua returned home to get a new pair of shoes so he could finish his shift. 

Kline, who has been homeless for many years and was described by FOX 8 as a “fixture” in the area, said he has “great respect” for authorities as they’ve helped him in the past.

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Sadalua reportedly didn’t want anyone to know about what he did, but fellow officers began spreading the word. One fellow officer told FOX 8 he did what he did because it was just “who he is.”

Sources: FOX 8, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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