Officers Credited With Wounded Pit Bull Puppy's Rescue


Two police officers in Alabama are being credited with saving a puppy’s life after seeing him on the side of the road beaten and malnourished.

Officers Matthew Preuniger and Brian Scott, of Anniston, Alabama, say they came across the wounded pit bull while on patrol, and immediately, they could tell that the dog was badly hurt, as its head was completely swollen and it was covered in pus and blood.

“We pulled over and the puppy tried to run away,” Officer Preuniger said, “but he was not able to run fast nor straight due to the swelling in his face.”

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The officers quickly rushed the puppy to a local animal hospital for treatment, and it was there that vets determined the puppy’s injuries were likely caused by his being a bait dog in a dog-fighting ring. The veterinarian at the animal hospital told Preuniger and Scott that had they not found the puppy when they did, he would most likely have died.

Miraculously, the puppy pulled through, and Preuniger decided to name the traumatized companion Phil.

“The name just popped in my head, and me and my partner ran with it,” Preuniger said.

Preuniger’s wife learned of the puppy’s story soon thereafter and knew right away that they had to adopt him as their own.

“Of course, she didn't have to tell me twice,” Preuniger said, while adding that Phil “loves my wife and is absolutely at ease with her.”

Sources:Independent Journal Review, The DoDo, The Anniston Star / Photo Source: Independent Journal Review


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