Officer Of The Year Charged With Assault


A Pennsylvania police officer who received an award for Officer of the Year has reportedly been charged with assaulting his wife.

Officer Bryn Lindenmuth, 34, was charged with assault, false imprisonment and harassment, according to The York Dispatch.  Bryn was York County's Officer of the Year in 2015 for making 16 DUI arrests, 45 criminal charges and 350 traffic stops, according to a news release.

Police in West Manchester Township, where Bryn lives, said that the officer had forcibly kept his wife, Kalina, in the home.  Kalina was later able to escape to a neighbor's house, where she contacted 911.

According to the York Dispatch, Kalina said that she was "sick and tired" of her husband physically abusing her and said that this type of violence had occurred many times before.

She said she was initially afraid to contact authorities because her husband is a police officer.

Authorities said that during this particular incident, her husband first took her phone and looked through it, ripped off her tank top and bra, allegedly tore apart her sandals, scratched her and ripped up photos of the couple together.

Bryn reportedly called up his wife's sister on her phone and told her to mind her own business, calling both women "pieces of s***" according to the police.

After that, he tried to throw Kalina towards a sliding-glass door and later tried locking her in the garage.

The entirety of the incident was nearly four hours, after which Kalina grabbed flip-flops and ran to a neighbor's home.

Bryn Lindenmuth was placed on leave immediately after the incident and will remain on paid leave until an investigation is complete.

"We don't want any stone unturned, as far as the facts of the situation, and we present the information as we know it, and a determination is made at that point," said Southwestern Regional Police Chief Greg Bean to the York Dispatch.

Sources: Associated Press, York Dispatch / Photo credit: York Dispatch

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