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Officer Who Tripped Celebrating Students Suspended For 40 Days (Video)

Back in April, Opposing Views told you about the police officer caught on camera pushing and tripping students as they ran onto a high school soccer field to celebrate their victory. Now, after initially denying that he did anything wrong, the officer has been suspended for 40 days.

Officer George Bermudez of the Georgetown Police Department in Texas has been on paid administrative leave since April, but now, the department has offered Bermudez a 40-day suspension with five days to accept. If he does not accept the offer within those first five days, he will be suspended indefinitely.

“There is no doubt in my mind that your actions were excessive, unwarranted and executed with extremely poor judgment given the circumstances,” said Georgetown Police Chief Wayne Nero in the investigation report. “There was no riot. There was no fight. There was a celebration.”

As students were running onto the field, Bermudez pushed, tripped and kicked some of them in an attempt to stop them from going any further. After the video went viral, angry parents and people from all over reached out to the department to report the officer’s actions.

“He should’ve used better judgment,” said student Rohan Gupta at the time of the incident. “We’re high schoolers just trying to have some fun after our team won.”

“We further have received countless angry emails and phone messages from Georgetown citizens and from citizens across the country who have expressed outrage over the incident,” said Nero.

Initially, Bermudez refused to take any of the blame for his actions, but after being interviewed for a second time, he finally admitted wrongdoing.

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