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Officer Won't Face Charges For Bone-Breaking Punch To Handcuffed Woman's Face (Video)

A Seattle police officer who threw a bone-breaking punch at a woman’s face will not face charges for the incident, the Seattle Times reports.

Seattle Police Officer Adley Shepherd, 38, was caught on camera during a July 22 arrest throwing a vicious punch at a handcuffed woman’s face. The woman, Miyekko Durden-Bosley, suffered a fractured right eye socket from the punch.

Officer Shepherd and others were called to Durden-Bosley’s home on July 22 for a domestic abuse report. After several minutes of dealing with Durden-Bosley and her family, an officer on scene said he was out of patience and was going to arrest someone. When he informed Durden-Bosley that she would be arrested, she protested.

“I didn’t make any threat,” she repeatedly said. “Why am I being taken to the precinct when I didn’t make any threat?”

Officer Shepherd told Durden-Bosley to calm down. Durden-Bosley replied that she was calm. She then asked the officers to explain the reason for her arrest. Then, inexplicably, Shepherd shoved the handcuffed Durden-Bosley into the police car. She kicked back in response, and Shepherd then yelled, “She kicked me!” and landed a brutal punch to her face.

Officer Shepherd is heard on the video claiming Durden-Bosley’s kick hurt him, but a medical report later said he suffered no injuries from it.

Here’s the footage:

This week, Kings County prosecutor Dan Satterberg announced that Officer Shepherd will not face criminal charges for the punch. Satterberg is facing some heat for the decision, as Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes reviewed the punch earlier and said it “undoubtedly met the felony standard.”

Prosecutors said they couldn’t prove that the force used was criminal.

“While officer Shepherd may have had other options or alternatives, we have concluded that we would be unable to prove that officer Shepherd’s use of force was criminal,” the Seattle Times reports the prosecutors saying.

Shepherd’s attorney offered only a brief response to the decision, saying Shepherd is “pleased that he has been exonerated from any wrongdoing.”

Sources: Seattle Times, YouTube


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